Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Not Dead Yet

I am not dead and I do not plan to die anytime soon.

Recently while doing some price comparisons online, I discovered some unexpected items from a popular membership warehouse store and so I shared it in a tweet (which is then shared as a Facebook status).

“Hmmmm...Costco sells urns...I think I found my eternal resting place - except for the parts of me to be turned into diamonds for loved ones 

Yes, I want to be cremated.

And yes, there is a company that transforms cremains into precious stones ( Lifegem ). But given my choice of profession, I’m going to have to win the lottery to leave enough money for the cremains to be so transformed.

I’m sure this will dash the hopes of some who “liked” the status.

While I am not anticipating my death in the near future, the discovery of the urns came not long after one of my best friends confirmed that he would indeed kill me if the time came. I had asked him a while back if he would “off me” if I became incapacitated and unable to make the decision for myself, and of course, he wanted time to think about it.

I asked him after attending a seminar on estate planning. As a single person, medical power of attorney is one of the important decisions to make – finding the right person with the courage to make what may be unpopular decisions but ones that honor the wishes of the individual who finds him/herself unable to make the decisions. The lawyer presenting the seminar insisted that it be a friend, not a family member as relatives often have too many competing interests and are even more emotionally involved.

I settled on a life-long friend who knows more about me than even some family members and with whom I have had conversations about my wishes.

Despite the fears of some (and wishes of others) who saw the post, it is nothing more than one of those observations I make from time to time. However, I did find one that I really like. Like those who lay in caskets to make sure they are comfortable, I may purchase my own urn – a final statement of my personal style.

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