Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not the Kentucky Derby

Today some of my co-workers and I met at a nearby resort for an administrative retreat. As glamorous as it would seem, the bulk of the day was spent in a typical conference room working on key topics we will address in the coming year. Still, you will not get any complaints from me – a day without Internet or phone or interruption spent in detailed conversation about important topics thrills me.

Nevertheless – I must find something to kvetch about.

That would be the signage going into and coming out of the resort.


Nineteen mph? Seriously?

I drive a truck. I do not have a digital speedometer. I just had to eyeball it.

Nineteen is close to fifty wouldn’t you say? And who’s going to enforce it – the Hyatt police?

The sign I actually stopped for though, kept me chuckling the rest of the day.


My co-workers had the same question I did: Where’s the fast horse trail?

I prefer a good gallop.

But that is probably a liability issue and we wouldn’t want that.


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