Monday, June 25, 2012

Girl Crack Underwear

No. I have not been hacked.

No. It is not a weird fetish.

The title is everything!

I just did some analysis to see who viewed this blog. I looked at the searches that brought you to this site. Any reference to underwear or “girl-crack” sent my views through the roof. The title and tags make all the difference in the number of views. My most heartfelt compositions go ignored while titillating trivia draws masses. Now that I am looking at data, it makes me glad I competed in the headline writing contest in high school.

Some of you are really sick people! My post lamenting women’s fashion that revealed more than I ever want to see has had almost six times as many hits as any post in the seven year history of this expressive endeavor. What is sexy about “girl crack?” We lament the poor fit when it shows up on the infamous plumber for which it is named. Surely it cannot be a fashion statement held in high esteem by anyone. Oddly- the rash of girl-crack searches has surged in the last year. I guess the clothing styles found in a recession do not provide the necessary stimulation for some people.

The underwear bit I can somewhat relate to. I have written several times about how satisfying it can be to have just the right fit with underwear and my joy at finding just the right pair. For me, though, the posts have been more fashion advice than fetish. Other than making my day much better through comfort, underwear does nothing erotic for me. Still, those three posts continue to draw many views despite a few years passing since the last one.

And then there is the dead pet bit.

I was heartbroken when one of my dogs died suddenly, but the frequency with which people search for “dead pets” disturbs me even more. I do post from time to time as my various pets provide fodder for inspiration, but none of those missives has been visited nearly as many times as the one memorial passage to a dog. Unfortunately, I am certain it does not provide the comfort some or seeking or any over outpouring of grief.

In the interest of full disclosure, the headline (and tags) for this post were composed only with the expectation that together they will push me over the top for the most views in a month (I am well on track with less than a week remaining). Perhaps with more cleverly titled posts and a few key words put into the labels, I will actually experience an income from the blog after seven years.

In the meantime I am not holding my (comfortable underwear wearing, girl crack watching, dead dog loving) breath.

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