Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sharing the Faith


I have never been a very good evangelical, though I have been a lifelong Baptist. I do not deny my faith and frequently work it into conversations, but I never run around seeking converts. Still, until I began working on a blog that focused on my personal faith, little was ever said publically about me regarding my beliefs.

Then a few months ago I began collaborating with a friend on that blog which focuses on the weekly lectionary scriptures. Initially we met through the blog, but I wondered how any kind of collaboration would go. However, at the time we began discussing working together I had spent too much time neglecting the blog that began with daily posts for over a month. The challenge to collaborate by my friend reignited my energy and determination to continue at least a weekly post to the blog that had a specific purpose.


For the last few months, we have each made a weekly post to the blog – one with a protestant perspective on scripture for the week and one with a Roman Catholic perspective.


The competitive me wants to be first with the post for the week, but the passionate me wants to have real meaning to everything I write (at least there). I do not know if on any week I achieve either goal, but it does force me into a reflective time which fulfilled my goal of starting the blog in the first place.

And the competitive me wants to see whose posts get the most reads (based on the reports, it depends on which site – since all the posts go to at least 3 sites).

Despite the competitive me, I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to spend some time each week working on my personal spirituality while sharing it with others. I enjoy even more the collaboration with another person who feels the same way and shares his heart genuinely through his faith and work. Each week I look forward to discovering what connections I can make and what insight he offers and I am looking forward to the continued collaboration.

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