Thursday, November 01, 2012

Jury Duty

         I have been called for jury duty for a two month time. Earlier in the year, I received the same notice, but it coincided with the start of school, so I received a postponement until the November-December window.

         This is the first time I have been summoned to the Federal court for the jury duty window. To find out if one is called, one must either go online or call-in Friday and Sunday evening to find out if one must show up Monday morning. For years I have wanted to serve on a jury that settled something more than a traffic ticket. We threw the (ticket) book at her: she was filmed making the illegal turn and then cursing at the police officer. That jury experience was fun, but not exactly challenging. The evidence was clear and justice swiftly done.

         Since I will be doing my service in Federal court this time, I am not going to get to send anyone to the electric chair.

         One day!

         Though I joke around about jury duty, I believe in it. Despite the inconvenience it causes with regular work, I look forward to opportunity to serve my community. If they could text me the testimony and let me text back the verdict, I would be even happier.

         I also have to get over the idea that work won’t work without me. I work with many talented, hardworking people who will carry on quite capably in my absence. I mostly worry about my work that they will have to shoulder. We all work so hard I hate to add any task to their workload.

         Nevertheless, in the coming weeks, I look forward to the possible judicial adventures that lay before me. Of course, if I do get the chance to serve, it will be in silence – at least on here.



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