Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adventing Advent

         I grew up in a Southern Baptist church that never taught the liturgical seasons practiced by many Christian denominations around the world. As an adult, when I first worshipped with churches that followed the liturgical calendar I became fascinated with Advent and Lent in particular. Both seasons carry such weight in the mission of the church. Both seasons have so much meaning and symbolism that shapes the world – even the secular world.

         Advent, as the start of the liturgical year, focuses on hope and so has been my favorite season of the year. With the Advent calendars and the daily focus on something to do in the anticipation of the coming Christ, I have always had something to focus on in the month before Christmas that is not commercially centered.

         Last year I started a separate blog to daily post my reflection on the Advent calendar. It turned into a weekly Bible study blog that connected me with a new dear friend and helped me find a focus for my spirituality. In anticipation of the daily blog posts that would require, I started adventing Advent in August this year.

         Yes – Advent means so much to me in my spiritual journey that I began planning for it in August.

         Advent starts this week and I am ready. Scriptures have been gathered, notes have been taken and drafts of scripture reflections have been made. Now it is time to finalize them and prepare myself, not only for Advent, but for Christmas and all it means to us.


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