Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Other Me

         I just read an article about the fake names celebrities give when checking into hotels and it made me want to be famous enough to need a fake name.

         I guess I could give a fake one without being famous, but it would not be as much fun.

         For years, when I traveled professionally, I, along with my co-workers selected an alternate identity we would give the authorities if we were ever arrested. None of us ever expected to be, but just in case we did not want our name in the paper. I chose the name of another administrator in the district about my size and build (though much-much older) and who grew up in the same geographic area as I did.

         If I were ever arrested in another city, I would insist my name was Kent Ewing.

         We (with a Napoleon complex) stick together (whether he knew it or not). Of course, now that he is retired, his name does me no good.

         I need to start stalking district administrative meetings to find my next alias. And if I cannot find a good doppelganger, I will just have to go with Stormy Strudel.

         First though, I have to become famous.


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