Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Month of Writing

         For several years, I have participated in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) in November. Though there are now themes for every month of the year since BlogHer has taken over the coordination, my hectic schedule does not allow me to write something post-worthy every day in multiple months of the year (some could argue I never write anything post-worthy). I look forward to the challenge and in the months leading up to November, begin to map out themes I can use for each day of the week and then map out my writing strategy for the month.

         The daily themes give me a writing boost when I have my composition book, or my computer before me with a blank page, they do not bind me. I write based on whatever inspiration strikes me and frequently that has nothing to do with the daily topic. Freedom to write whatever I want to write makes the process much more fun and this month has been particularly fun for me as I discovered topics I truly enjoyed. Some posts took days to write, and some took minutes, but all were fun.

         Probably the aspect of NaBloPoMo I enjoy most is that if forces me to get in a writing mode and demands that I pay attention to at least one of my three blogs. There were a few days that I actually had three or more posts go up. Taking a month dedicated to writing helps strengthen my writing habits and refine my daily habit to include writing creatively.

         I do write on a daily basis, but most of my regular writing focuses on professional topics and does not lend itself to blog posts. I do have a professional blog for some of my other writing and while the blog format is appropriate for increasing communication (for those willing to comment and read the comments), not all the writing fits the blog format.

The daily themes I plan for the month do sometime take precedence, which is why I am posting my reflection on the month a day before the month is over – Fridays have had a food theme and the recipe coming tomorrow deserves its proper place. As NaBloPoMo wraps up for me, on this blog, for this yea, Advent has just begun, so yet another of my blogs now demands daily care through Epiphany.


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