Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thank Goodness for Food Chemistry

         Thank goodness for food chemistry.

         Normally, I am a food purist. I use real butter and never margarine. I use real sugar (or honey or something natural) never corn syrup or saccharine. I use lard, not any vegetable shortening. The natural always wins. But as I sit up watching the election results, my thoughts going into the night were to either take sleeping pills and avoid it altogether or drink energy drinks and watch it all the way through.

         Yay, chemistry!

         Between an (unnamed brand) energy drink and a pot of coffee, I am spending about half the night running to the restroom and the other half trying to keep up with my twitter feed that updates faster than I can read 140 character bites – much less clicking through to any of the lengthier stories. Together, they are keeping me up and functioning.

         Mostly, I am glad the election season is over. Some of the votes are going the way I want them to. Some are not. That tends to happen with elections. In some cases, I am just glad some people voted with common sense.

         As I wait for the concession speeches, I put an extra (unnamed brand) energy drink in the refrigerator for tomorrow. I think I am going to need it.



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