Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And Your Word Is...

This time of year organizations start to come up with their  “________ of the year list.” In my opinion, coming out with the lists are premature with over 1/12 of the year remaining. Each list provides interesting insight into what the organization judged as important, influential, or lasting. As a word-person, I am most fascinated with the word lists that come out and have commented on new words for years.

Oxford released their word of the year and I am guilty. Their word choice for 2013 is “selfie.” Who owns a cell phone with a camera and has not taken a picture of him/herself somewhere?

I hoped the word would be Twerk so I would not be guilty - I am too old and it would destroy my back.

The prevalence of selfies from celebrities and individuals have become so prevalent media sites actually track the worst or most unfortunate selfies. Most of them make the list because the photographer was so concerned with the “self” part of the picture, the background was ignored. Still, our, “self” motivates us to continue.

Maybe now that the word has been blessed, the cool-factor will diminish and we will start hearing a little less about them though I doubt it will slow us seeing them so much.
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