Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Grocery List

Over the course of the year I have written several times about how much I have come to love Google drive and my Chromebook. I know people hate how much Google knows about us - but if you are not doing anything wrong, does it really matter if they know about it? One of the nicest uses of the drive is that I have access to it on my phone.

A few months ago, after leaving my grocery list at home, I came up with the idea of creating a document titled “grocery list” in my drive and then I could pull it up when I went to the store and erase the items as I picked them up. Perfect! Using a list definitely helps cut down on impulse buys and keeps me wheeling my cart through the store with purpose.

Since I also use Docs for almost all my blog composition, I have a recurring fear that I copy and past my grocery list into the post rather than the intended document.  It is highly unlikely that that will happen without it being caught as I give each post one more (or the first) edit after I paste it.

I have seen grocery lists published as poetry.

I have seen other grocery lists published as political commentary.

I have seen still others published as a wish-list for those in need.

I looked my list over - it is chaotic utilitarian. I add the next item as I run out of it in my pantry or refrigerator. There is nothing thoughtful about it and if I followed its order, I would never make it out of the store. My list for the store this weekend is rather short. My pantry is stocked about to normal levels - which means I will not be starving for six months.

sour cream
cream cheese
cake mixes
green beans
plastic containers
rice vinegar
white wine vinegar
catsup (sue me)

With only these items, I may actually make it out for under $100. Yes, there will be impulse buys - I never said the list eliminated them, it just limits them.

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