Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Things I Didn't Say - Yet

I have several compositions that have been on-hold in my draft file for months. Each time I open the folder, the working titles catch my attention like that flashing light on my phone reminding me that something needs attention. I check on them from time to time and yes, they are still there.

Anne Lamott, one of my favorite writer’s writers, frequently refers to messy first drafts (in sometimes much stronger language). I am all for those. But those times when they hang on to become equally messy second and third drafts proves more frustrating. The documents that hang around in my draft folder are those frustrating ones.

The frustration stemming from each of these drafts originates in that the topic of each draft expresses something about a belief I hold deeply. Because they represent something I hold passionately, I want to express those beliefs using the clearest possible words. As a result the documents stay in draft revision after revision.

Most of the things I publish that barely go beyond the messy first draft.

In the nine years I have been publishing to the blog there have been no topic I have not been willing to cover, but with some, I have wanted to be much more careful about the words I use to ensure my ideas come across in just the way I want. There is nothing I have not said just some things I have not said yet.

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