Friday, November 08, 2013


I love my kitchen gadgets. Last night my new immersion blender arrived and I spent the evening dancing around the kitchen. It came with attachments! I did not expect a mini food-processing bowl or a whisk.

Expect salsa, meringue, and whipped cream to dominate my upcoming dessert recipes.

I need to build new house. After over seven years in my current house, I have decided that the house in which I live is about the right size, but the distribution is wrong. My dream house needs to have a living room with a couple chairs and a coffee table; a bedroom or two with room for a bed and dresser and space to walk between; a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower; a library/office that takes up (at least) the space of my current master bedroom. The remainder of the house would be kitchen and pantry.

I love my kitchen gadgets so much, I am seriously considering turning one of my guest bedrooms into a second pantry with shelving to house my pots, pans, bowls, gadgets, etc. My counter and cabinets cannot take any more. I no longer have a dining table. My china cabinet has every nook and cranny taken (with turtle figurines and with cookware). There is barely room for me to cook. The guest bedroom will definitely be a theme room for anyone who sleeps there.

The current theme in the guestroom of “things I haven’t taken to Goodwill yet” is too difficult to decipher.

The dancing in the kitchen when I got the new immersion blender is just the start. I will giggle and applaud - then take a picture and tweet it whenever something turns out just right after using an appliance. While dancing in the kitchen last night, I did stop long enough to tweet to the appliance maker, “Does @(the brand name) have any idea how ecstatically happy I am when a box with 1 of their products arrives at my door? #cooking #gadgetaddict” They did not respond, so apparently the do not have any idea how happy I am when I get a new one of their appliances.

Next time, I will do a Vine of the happy dance so they can see.

Since I am so disenchanted with sports at the current time, I will turn my touchdown dance into my enchanted-happy-appliance dance for this season. And no, I am not ashamed that a hand-held blender makes me dance.

I am certain that if I did a thorough search online I could find a name for my condition. Surely someone who gets as happy as me over a new appliance deserves a diagnosis, but I am not going to search for it. I am perfectly happy calling myself easily amused, and my friends are happy calling themselves deliciously fed.

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