Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gaysted - vs - Straisted

Most of us homosexuals have always reasoned that the straight object of our affection was only a six-pack away from being open to our suggestions and advances. The straight community apparently has become aware of the same thing. The hip community in Las Angeles has coined a term to describe those heterosexuals who get engage in homosexual behavior when they are drunk – gaysted. I’m at once flattered, amused, and insulted by the advent of the word.

I find it flattering and amusing that the “phenomenon” is so widespread that a word is needed for it. It also provides hope for all of us with a straight crush. Sadly the word came from such a simple compounding of gay and wasted that it did not take much creativity. Even sadder – I cannot come up with a better word for it.

I find it amusing, too, that there is no word for gay people engaging in heterosexual activity. “Straisted” maybe? There really is not a need for the word either because gay people don’t go “straight” when we get drunk. It is not possible to get me drunk enough to go straight.

So for that I’m a bit offended. They (straight folk) create a word to explain away or justify a behavior that only goes one way. They say it like there is something wrong with homosexual behavior unless you are drunk. Actually, the way the word gets used in context glorifies such behavior – when drunk.

Since gay people don’t go out getting straisted, how straight are the straight people who go out getting gaysted? Using the word simply continues to drive a wedge between parts of society and actually demonstrates a lack of acceptance. Science and Psychology have definitively determined that sexual orientation is not a choice. Using a word to justify a natural and normal behavior furthers the false notion that the action is neither natural nor normal.

While “gaysted” sounds funny and drunks are easy enough to laugh at, the word minimizes an entire population. The “PC” police normally get on my last nerve, but I’m putting on my badge for a bit. Recent celebrity and political outbursts have created an awareness of the weight of words. Words, with their power to empower or diminish, need to be used with great care. Combating hate speech is not difficult; it just requires calling it out whenever it occurs.

I’m calling out “gaysted” now. Let’s work together to stop the spread of the word while it is limited to a few pretty people in Las Angeles who think they are being cute.

Or am I the only gay person who does not get straisted? Take the poll and let me know.

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