Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rusty/Roy Roy/Rusty some of you who may have been directed here by posts of the others who attended the blogger weenie roast may be a bit confused about my name. Some call me Roy, some call me Rusty.

So who the heck am I?

I am both of those people. And while I don't really have multiple personality disorder, each of those people is a little different.

Rusty is the hometown me. I was given that nickname by my parents because I was born with red hair and they didn't want anyone else making up a less-fortunate nickname. Unfortunately, by the time I was in school, my hair was no longer red and I spent my entire life back in my hometown (and ever since when someone discovers that name) explaining why people call me Rusty.

Roy is my given name after my maternal grandfather. As soon as I left my hometown for college, I became Roy so I wouldn't have to explain why I was called Rusty when my hair is brown.

In many ways, Rusty is still my parents child. He's person who grew up in the country outside a small town and repressed himself in so many ways. Rusty is still painfully shy and try as Roy might - he can't work him out of the core.

Roy is the professional adult I've become. Most of the people in my hometown don't even recognize him because he is so confident and assured and professional (- and so FABULOUS!)

So, Rusty/Roy or Roy/Rusty - either way, he's me. (and for some strange reason, I've had three people randomly decide to call me Randy - no matter how many times I correct them - because they have all said I "look like a Randy, so that's what I'm going to call you.")
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