Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Holidays and the Nearly Holidays Around Them

It has been an entire week since the Independence Day holiday. Having a holiday like that fall in the middle of the week throws the entire week into an unusual pattern.

And it throws all the co-workers into an unusual pattern too.

With the holiday on Wednesday, most of the co-workers were treating Tuesday like a holiday (also known as Friday). Unfortunately, it was the second day of my new job and I always had so much to accomplish, so even when they let people leave early, I got to stay around later.

And then on Thursday, it was a repeat. Everyone else was acting like it was a holiday, but I had been given a 2:00 deadline. Fortunately the person I work most closely with is amazing and helped me pull it all together.

Suddenly we hit Friday – which is always almost a holiday since it is the day before the weekend.

Three days into the next week and I’m finally feeling like I’m over the holiday.

We are such creatures of habit that any disruption to our schedule like a holiday in the middle of the week throws us off our routine. It is one reason I don’t like taking vacations – though I need some time away!

Someday I’m going to learn how to really relax.
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