Friday, July 13, 2007

Streets and the People who Live on Them

This week we have been puttting together a bulk mailing and I have been watching the information as it came through me. The number one observation I've had is that we have some creative street namers around here.

We have our fair share of numbers, plants, and people names, but even some of those are pushing the limits for names. I wonder what kind of person would swallow their pride and take up residence on a street with a really odd name.

One of the streets that stood out for me was Curved Wood Place. I guess that because it was a "Place" Crooked Stick didn't work. For "street," "lane," or "road" Crooked Stick would have been the only way to go, but for a "place" curved wood almost has to be the option.

All the streets in my neighborhood are named for spices which is good for Anise, Cayene, Coriander, and Poppy Seed.

It does not work so well for Dill Weed.

Fortunately Dill Weed does not have any homes facing onto it; it is just a cross street. Still, I can think of a few people I would nominate to live there.

It is incredibly juvenile, but I want to be able to point at them and with a Nelson-like "Ha Ha!" go "Dill Weed!" as I ride my bike past them.

And don't judge me too fast. I know you have nominated some people to live on Dill Weed, too!
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