Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Berry Christmas

I am constantly looking for subjects now that I have the new camera, so while relaxing for a little while at my aunt and uncle's house in Kansas this weekend, I went walking around their yard looking at subjects I could frame into pictures.

I always hope for snow when I am there, but did not have such luck on this visit. Still, the bleak winter browns and grays provided a backdrop for color to stand out.

These two shots of a dead bush with its berries drying, and still clinging on really stand out for me among the shots I took as I walked around the yard. There are a number of different angles I took and the camera was snapping so fast that looking through several of the pictures, they seem to be animated.

I do love the natural subjects much more than people, but while in Florida on my next trip, I am hoping to be able to hone in on some people as subjects for the pictures.
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