Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What I Won't Be Giving

This season I have spent more time actually thinking about Christmas gifts than I probably have in the last five years total. I’m thinking it is R and all his organization that have me thinking about making spreadsheets for the holidays and such, but this really is going overboard. It is only the first week of December and I’m 2/3 done with the shopping.

Where is the stress?

Where is the panic?

Where is the last minute grabbing of gift-cards?

There are several gift cards in the mix, but that is because they have been requested. One of these days my nephews are going to learn to trust my taste in music and take my choices as an opportunity to broaden their musical horizons.

They could use some clothing suggestions from me too, but that will come with time.

One gift “suggestion” that keeps coming via email and other advertising is the once ridiculed product of late-night infomercials: the snuggie.

They now have pattern snuggies, team snuggies, and most disturbingly an HRC snuggie. The Human Rights Campaign should know better!! They are going to give a bad name to all the gays!

2009 has been a year of political setbacks for GLBT rights, but the HRC snuggie may have set a new low.

Fortunately, most of my shopping is done, so I can guarantee those on my Christmas gift list that they will not be getting a snuggie - UT, HRC, leopard print, or otherwise.

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