Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photo Blog?

My Christmas gift to myself this year was a new camera. I purchased a Nikon D3000 Digital SLR camera since I had been using only point-and shoot digital cameras for the last few years. I've missed taking "composed" photographs and am thoroughly enjoying the new camera.

One of the places in which I see some of the greatest beauty is an old stump pile that has has been on my parents place since before I was born. The charred oak stumps make for some great black-and-white photos as well as stark contrast in color pictures.

My favorite of the "stump" pictures this weekend features some of the local weeds and the new tree that has grown up through the stumps.

I am learning to upload the pictures rapidly to my computer and organize them effectively. This means it will be much easier for me to post pictures and information about the events around them.
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