Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trying to be Techy

In my job, we have begun to push for all things to go high-tech. Our presentations have flash-video or now, actual brief movies as I have learned to do iMovie in the most novice of ways. Still, I am learning new things.

In addition to the iMovie, I set up a Twitter account to post information. I'm debating the idea of doing a work-blog to answer questions for people since so many people have questions about the college application process and financial aid.

Should I do videos to YouTube from those iMovies I'm making?

Technology frightens me somewhat despite my desire to have the latest and greatest. By having the latest tech toys, I appear to be much more technically savvy than I really am because I do not use any of the technology to near the level I could be using it.

Becoming proficient takes so much time, and while I realize that proficiency will make me more productive and will save much time in the future, it does nothing now to make time available to me.

However, if this post works, then I will be one step closer to modern technological proficiency, for this post will be done via email.

Now if I can just get twitterfeed to work again....

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