Friday, December 18, 2009

Label FAIL

I really should not pay so much attention to labels on products, but in looking over the bottle of margarita mix I won in the work holiday drawing, I noticed the misspelling below. I found it particularly funny because on the day before I was lecturing high school students about homophones and sure enough, there is a homophone error on the back of the bottle of margarita mix.

I wonder if the person who was printing out the labels maybe had had a few tests runs of the product before setting the printer for the bottles to run through.

Better yet, the mix is actually "Diet Margarita Mix". It has 80% fewer calories than regular margarita mix.

Yes, it was the company Christmas lunch and we are having a push on fitness and healthy eating throughout the workplace, but diet margarita mix?

I wonder if they sell "Diet Jose Cuervo" to go with that?
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