Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Everglades Sights

The Everglades adventure the day after Christmas proved to be one of the most exciting times I had on the trip to Florida. As a person who has always enjoyed the outdoors, getting to see this unique area was a highlight of the trip. There were the places and scenes I expected to see, like the vast expanses of grassy wetland.
Other than travel along the road and look out across these areas, there was little to do to see it. But some areas quite surprised me. Some of my very favorite sights were found in the Mahogany Hammock. I was taken by what appeared to be rain forest-like growths and while the canopy was significantly lower than one finds in the rain forest, the shadows and thickness, replicated what I would expect to see there.

The growths on the ground and around the upturned stumps of large trees overturned by hurricanes across the years. Lush growth all along the ground with various mosses and fungi also reminded me of documentaries from rain forests.

There are so many different spots and ecosystems to see in the Everglades, I could spend an entire vacation with my camera taking pictures and exploring the area.
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