Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Another Week of Running - Week 2

This week I only got in two runs. There were plenty of excuses, but no good reasons. Both runs I managed to get in were great and inspiring and kept my motivation going. I managed to run at least two miles each time with each mile under nine minutes. Each run had me so pumped and I ended them feeling so good that I wanted to continue running.
I once again found my rhythm. I checked my stopwatch, and like clockwork, I passed the quarter-mile makers along the trail, but after over-doing it in my first week, I learned my lesson about that, so had pre-determined how far I am going to run and have been able to do it. Now I have to make the decision to either get up earlier in the morning and do my run then, or leave work early enough to get to the trail, though the time change makes that more difficult.
I need to find out if the track behind the school is lit at night.
Unfortunately there were not more than two runs to report this week, they were good and I look forward to working more in in the coming week.

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