Monday, November 14, 2011

Not-so Good Sports

Last weekend I watched some of the best football games I have seen in years. This weekend I could not find a game that held my interest for even a few minutes. What makes such a difference in the games that leads some to be thrilling and holding one's attention from the first play and others to just be so tedious that one only watches out of habit?

The games that so engrossed me last week did not involve any of my favorite teams and I would have been lucky to name any player on either side. They were however well played close games that hinged on each play. One substantial play from either team could have turned the outcome of the game. I cheered both sides, since I did not have a particular team I was rooting for.

This weekend I watched games that carried into overtime. Nevertheless, they never captivated me or made me even consider standing and cheering for either team. I simply did not care about the outcome. Each game had memorable plays offensively and defensively. Each game came down to the wire and every call and execution potentially changed the final result.

Still, I could not get engaged in the games - even ones with Texas teams I am obligated to support to demonstrate my state pride. I do not support all Texas teams. I just cannot bring myself to support the Cowboys as long as Jerry Jones is the owner. (Do personal vendettas have a place in sports? You betcha' they do!)

Some other quality has to exist in the game that gives it that must watch quality. Or does it exist in me?

This weekend found me confined to my house due to something I ate Friday night - with long-lasting consequences. Even though I had errands I needed to run, I did not dare leave the house. Perhaps the preoccupation of all the other things I needed to be doing and could not affected my ability to concentrate on the games or give them a shot to be as exciting as Twitter and the announcers made them sound.

I think over the grumbling in my stomach, nothing would have made any game interesting - much less compare to the nail-biters from the previous weekend. At least I got hours of sleep!
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