Wednesday, November 02, 2011

One Good Run...

...leads to another.
Just over a week ago I decided to stop talking about getting in shape and actually do something about it. The day was one of those beginning of autumn days when we are still amazed at how nice it feels to be outside with perfectly clear skies and a new dry crispness to the air. After stepping outside with my first cup of coffee for the morning, I realized I could not stay inside for the day as had been my plan for relaxing during the day.
A bit impulsively I slipped on my shorts and one of my workout shirts and grabbed the new running shoes I had purchased over a year ago - which had stayed remarkably dust free in my closet since that time. They had been a daily reminder of my lack of motivation to do anything active that I knew I needed to be doing, but now it was about to be, "new shoes meet crushed granite."
I made the few mile drive to the running trail at the lake downtown and after some cursory stretching, I started off at a slow lope on the trail. I enjoyed the scenery and weather so much, I lost track of the distance I had gone and before I realized it, I had jogged two miles non-stop. That made me a little nervous. I had at the most expected to complete a mile and then I would walk/jog the rest of the way around the portion of the trail back to my truck. Now I worried that if I stopped, I would be stuck miles from my truck with no easy way back.
I still felt good, so I stopped to walk for a set distance then began to jog again.  After a short distance, I knew my jogging for the day was done, but I was able to maintain a brisk walk around the trail back toward my truck.
The thrill of the run continued throughout the day. I was ecstatic at how well I had done on my first outing in over a year and at once began to plan for my return to the trail. The When I returned two days later, I did even better after working out the residual stiffness from the first run. I racked up a quick three miles at a pace slower, but not greatly off my in-shape race pace. I was even more excited about a return to the trail.
The next day I actually awaited the opportunity to leave work so I could get to the trail and get in another run.
I barely completed a staggering mile-and-one-half before I stopped ground to a slow walk. I overestimated my body's shape and readiness for that level of activity. Nevertheless, I also recognized the importance of being certain my 45-year-old body is well hydrated before going running because I had had nothing to drink buy my morning coffee that day. I was certain I would turn into a raisin before I made it back to my truck and somewhere I could get something to drink.
Still, I am excited about being back on the active trail and am setting my sites on some upcoming 5K races as a motivation for keeping up the running. Once I have paid the entry fee, you can be certain I will run the race - and I do not want to be one of those people being followed by law enforcement re-opening the streets and the ambulance picking up the race wounded. Another way I am going to work on maintaining my workout routine the pledge I make now to update my workout status each week with my progress in running and anything else I add to my routine to get this old body into the shape it really deserves.
Now to see how many people call me on it if I do not post something some Wednesday.
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