Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amber Waves

While Katherine Lee Bates may have been reflecting on the wheat fields of Kansas (I have heard various versions of the tale of her inspiration), she could just as easily have been imagining the fall seed-heads of any variety of grasses. Although the maple trees in Lost Maples State Recreation Area were still bright green when I hiked through the area, many of the grasses were aglow in the crisp and bright fall sunlight.

The sun shining across the fields with the wind blowing creates a surprising glistening effect - at least surprising from what I expect from grasses. The still photos do not capture the effect in near the way high-definition video would, but frankly, I do not want to go to that much trouble.

I encourage you to use your imagination.

Particularly stunning, though, were the bronze colored seed heads to some grasses that were bushing out along the trail. A field of these grasses than the few clumped stalks would create a spectacular effect across acres.

I went to Lost Maples expecting a certain kind of color, the brilliant reds and golds splashed across so many travel brochures for the northeastern United States this time of year. Instead, I came across a lively palate of more earth-tones that equally represented autumn in its transitional glory.

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