Monday, November 01, 2010

Vote Now!

Even though it is only a mid-term election, voting remains as vital as it is during a presidential election year. Unfortunately too many people do not seem to understand how vital it is. This year in particular determines governors and state legislatures who will be drawing up the redistricting lines following the release of census data that determines which states get more representatives and which states get fewer.
With that power comes influence that will last a decade regardless of the terms those elected this year serve. As much as I hope everyone agrees with me in the way to vote, given the contention and division that dominates the current state of our political system, anyone agreeing with me completely is quite unlikely. Every issue spans too many shades of gray for there to be much deep consensus.  Still, though we may disagree, I want everyone to vote their conscience this year with the understanding that there will be long-term consequences to the election.
The act of voting takes moments. The act of preparing to vote takes extended time or reading up on the candidates and issues involved in the election. The preparation is as essential as actually casting the ballot, for voting without the education leads to buyers regret in most instances. While it is now only 24 hours from the opening of the polls, it is not too late to research the candidates in your area. Look at the endorsements of local newspapers, check out party websites, and most local voting officials have sample ballots for view online.
Do your part. Research. Vote.

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