Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Rushing Water

As an amateur photographer, one of my favorite subjects is running water whether it comes from a fountain, raging stream, or gentle waterfall. The tranquility of gently running water, often juxtaposed against the evidence of its strength shown in gullies and worn paths through solid stone, often create beauty that attracts the eye and the ear.

The photo below shows one of the waterfalls at McKinney Falls State Park in Austin. Although the shot from directly above makes the fall look active and forceful, I was actually straddling the entire stream as I shot straight down on the fall as the water went over the edge.

Shown from the side, the waterfall is not nearly as intimidating.

Whenever I go hiking, I search out those places that have water running and seek as many angles as possible. Just before the water falls over the ledge above, it is running gently across a wide expanse of stone with various paths worn down by centuries of running water.

The previous three pictures were taken by laying flat on my stomach on (dry) creek bed just down from the water to get a straight-on shot. 

All the shots were taken in McKinney Falls State Park in Austin. I often forget about the park when I am thinking I want to get outside. I procrastinate and curse the parking challenges because of the congestion downtown. McKinney is only ten minutes from my house and there are never parking problems, and with this kind of environment, I am going to put it in the forefront of my mind for a quick natural get-away.

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