Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Flowers

On several recent hikes, I have ventured into state parks and recreational areas looking for fall foliage. While Texas has limited leaf-color-change, one can usually find small bursts of the newly brilliantly chlorophyl-depleated leaves. Surprisingly, though, I have seen an unexpected number of fall flowers in full bloom.

Each of these photos was taken in the McKinney Falls State Park. One thing I notice about the fall flowers that differs from most of the spring flowers in the area is that these are quite dainty and small.

Even though I expected to see fall colors in Lost Maples State Recreation Area, I was more surprised to see the variety of flowers (and butterflies) in the park.

I really did enjoy getting to see the variety of fall flowers out. I have to confess that I am disappointed that I did not find any photos of the purple flowers that lined the trails in several places. For whatever reason, I neglected to take any pictures of them.

Nevertheless, autumn provides all kinds of beauty in unexpected ways. I am glad I have been carrying my camera around in attempts to catch it.

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