Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beta Teched

I think I was born into the wrong generation. When it comes to tech gadgets, no matter how much I tell myself I am going to resist, deep down inside I know I am going to cave the moment I get my hands on the newest device around. I should be part of the digital native generation rather than a digital immigrant as my age would suggest.
My latest  venture into  high tech is so new, it is still in the beta version. I first heard of it on an NPR program and immediately looked up when I walked into my home. Despite hearing about it on NPR, I was quite shocked to hear that it was not yet available and I had to actually request to use the beta version and that I would find out more in an email in a few days.
I am not the most patient person, but resolved to sit tight.
Yesterday I finally received the magically encoded email that gave the the link to download RockMelt, a new browser. Within thirty minutes of downloading it and getting it set up with the connections to favorite websites and sharing Facebook information, I had pushed the button to make it my default browser.
It lets me multitask in just so many more ways than I was able to before. One side of the window keeps up with who all of my Facebook friends are online - without me actually being on Facebook. The other side-bar keeps track of my favorite websites and lets me know when there has been an update - to the point that it actually counts the number up updates to the website since I have click on the website. I can click on the icon and it tells me what the new stories are with the appropriate link - so I can read it if it interests me or just ignore and continue on with whatever I was doing. 
The appearance is nothing spectacular -basic and functional, but I really do not want anything more. Content matters to me more than flash and the efficiency RockMelt brings to browsing allows my ADHD to function at just one more level.
Oh - and I have three invitations to share so you don’t have to wait a week if you ask nicely.

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