Friday, November 12, 2010

Deadline Mahem

I do not know what kind of secret conspiracy multiple agencies have going, but lately the deadlines from every agency happens at the same time for me. There is a grant deadline, follow-up to last year progress report due, and current year evaluation report all due next week.
All this during one of the rare weeks when I actually teach most of the days.
Fortunately I have my calendars filled out well in advance with most of the deadlines; however, the grant only appeared recently, so I have barely had time to prepare for it. Everything else, though is mostly pulled together, I just need to find the writing time to synthesize all the work.
Still, the idea that every deadline should arrive at the same time creates stress. If something does not go as planned, then the entire plan falls apart, and so the stress grows. And on cue, I caught a cold that is making my eyes water and making it difficult to see the computer screen.
Fortunately, right down the street is a pharmacy and I have stocked up on all the cold remedies, am drinking hot tea and doing all the right things.
So next week will be a piece of cake.

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