Friday, November 19, 2010

Light Speed

I am always amazed at how the snail’s pace of government can suddenly shift to warp speed when they so-decide. Because I sometimes write grants for the programs I manage, I know I am held to the application deadline just as I am held to the application deadlines for every report TEA or other agencies require of me. Just because I am required to hold to a deadline does  not mean the agency is; however, and I often find myself twiddling my thumbs waiting on a response from the agency.
This week I another grant deadline came and I was happy to have it off my plate before the week-long Thanksgiving break I have at work. (Yes, I get an entire week off from work.). Completion of that grant and the other reports with a few hours left before the break gave me a chance to organize some of the chaos which had exploded over my office in the previous week.
Just as I completed my final submission and began working on the office, I heard my email alert go off. Rather than let it sit, I decided to read and reply.
To my surprise it was a response on the grant - with requested changes and an new deadline.
During my week off.
One time when I would have been quite ok with the state taking some time to do what it should, they move to light speed and expect me to work over my vacation.
So now I am repacking to take the things home I need to complete the grand additions prior to the new deadline because I really do not want to come all the way to the office to do it. Fortunately the changes will not take more than a few hours of work and for the money - well worth it.

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