Monday, November 09, 2009

All Stok'd Up

Most people who know me, know I go through life pretty highly caffeinated. If I do not have my dose of morning coffee shortly after waking up, my head starts throbbing from caffeine withdrawal pains that no Tylenol subdues.

My local grocery store now carries Stok which is essentially condensed coffee that one adds to -- coffee. Each package is ominously labeled that one should not consume more than two Stoks in a day. I have two with my morning coffee.

Ahhhh....the joy of addiction.

Not only am I captivated by the caffeine cravings, I genuinely like the taste of coffee and tend to be somewhat picky in the brands I choose. Oddly enough, some of the best around is the store brand whole-bean coffee I purchase just down the street. I keep it frozen until I grind my supply for the week.

While I generally avoid instant coffee, I am curious to try the new instant coffee from Starbucks. I mostly want to try it because I have a kahlua recipe that calls for instant coffee, so if I'm going to make my own, I'm going with the best. Yes, the only thing better than coffee is coffee flavored liquor. Kahlua simply tastes so much better than other alcohol/energy drink combinations, so I'll go with good taste and the best of both worlds when I want to have a long night of drinking!
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