Saturday, November 14, 2009

And That Haircut was How Much?

For the last few years I have cut my own hair much more often than having someone else do it. That’s really because I just buzzed it. When you go down nearly to skin, it’s pretty easy to know that you have it even.

This summer, I decided that at the end of the summer, I would let my hair grow out and start styling it again. So, since August, I have let my hair grow and it has reached a nice, comb-able length. Today, since I was going to the mall to pick up some new clothes for a wedding next week, I decided to go ahead and get my hair cut while I was there.

I have used several of the places in the mall and have never been particularly happy since David left one of them. He actually always managed to cut my hair perfectly and no one has been able to match it since and I resolved not to return to that place. Today as I walked toward the store where I intended to purchase the clothes, I saw a salon I had never tried before.

It’s a mall salon. I was not expecting the best, but resolved that the hair would stop rubbing the top of my ear and driving me crazy.

A stylist was available immediately and we talked about what I wanted done. All the normal routine for a new stylist.

She wet my hair and went to work.

And worked.

And worked.

I’ve only been growing hair since early in August, now long could it take?

After finishing the cut and applying the selected creame, she messed up my hair and declared it done.

Altogether, it only took about 20 minutes, but it seemed much longer. Of course on the way out, she had to show me the products she used on my hair and she even took them to the counter for me, assuming I was going to purchase them.

I did need shampoo and the stuff she used felt really good and it was only $10.

The counter girl rang me up and announced the total - $97 and asked if I wanted to leave it open for a tip. I managed not to flinch too badly and said yes, I would tip.

I ask you, does my hair look worth $97?

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