Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Underwear Crisis

Sunday is my laundry day. I frequently am accused of always doing laundry, but the truth is, I almost only do it on Sunday afternoon while dealing with household chores.

Because I like to start the week with a complete choice of clothing, I normally strip down to nothing while the laundry is washing.

This should serve as a warning to my friends who may think about an unscheduled visit on Sunday afternoon.

This last Sunday the weather was so nice I wanted the house open, so I wore clothes while doing laundry and working around the house.

As I have written before, I really like nice underwear. I'll spend the extra money to feel really comfortable down there.

Yesterday as I was getting dressed, I wanted to wear a particular pair of undies. As I started going through the drawer looking for them, I realized that I was wearing them Sunday while doing the laundry and that they were in the clothes bin.

Then a certain option crossed my mind. I am a fairly clean person.

I opted for another pair.
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