Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Hours in a Webinar

As budget cuts and increases in technology have become equally ubiquitous, webinars have been replacing meetings more and more often. Frequently, one is logged onto the computer for the visuals while on the phone calling into a conference call line for the audio of the meeting.

I have enough trouble sitting still and staying awake when there are real people presenting, much less sitting at a computer screen with a handset pressed to my ear.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being in three hours of webinars.

The only good thing about being in the webinars is that I could tweet on twitter with the sound off on my other computer.

One, highlighting updates to a software program we use was so engaging I actually set my phone to speaker and kicked back with my feet on my desk as I watched some remote specialist manipulate the screen. I recognized the voices of several friends who were also using the same program as they *2’d into the conference to ask a question.

That was the point I began to relax.

At some point later I had relaxed enough that my feet slid off the desk and the heels thunked loudly on the floor.

I’m so glad my friends were participating in the webinar so I could call them to ask about all those things I missed while relaxed.

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