Friday, November 13, 2009

Durable and Long Lasting

Sometimes I am convinced that advertising designers really were not paying attention when they came up with the wording on packaging. That or they have an even more wicked sense of humor than we give them credit for.

Take the good folks at Charmin for instance.

The cute bear family on the front of the package is holding a banner that reads, “Durable & Long Lasting” in both English and Spanish.


Toilet paper that is durable and long lasting.

I’m not sure I even want to explore the meaning they had in mind.

I can kind of go with durable as I’ve come across toilet paper in the past that has essentially crumbled in use, but long lasting?

Does it have a shelf life?

Does this mean I can re-use it?

I’m all about going green, but I don’t know how much more green one can be. You don’t find anything much more biodegradable. I’m satisfied with single use toilet paper.

This is Charmin Basic.

How durable and long lasting is Charmin Ultra-Strong?!

I spend big bucks on comfy underwear. I probably don’t want Charmin Ultra-Strong anywhere near my tender places.

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