Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Writing on a Deadline

In looking over my calendar for the month, I better do a bang-up job of organizing my writing if I'm going to be successful at posting daily. Fortunately, blogger lets one schedule posts, so though I write it on one day, it can become public at some point in the future.

It also helps that I keep my handy composition book with where I do my first drafts. I am not nearly as good at editing my own writing as I am at editing that of others, but by putting pen to paper and then taking time to type what I've written, I see when my sentences have gone on too long and overstayed their welcome. The composition book also helps me keep track of what I've been thinking from time to time as its pages are littered with unfinished thoughts and rough drafts of topics that seem so important at the time.

Again, that Despair demotivator pops into my mind.

The one topic I want to write most about is one of my forbidden topics, so I'm resisting.

I could easily write about work, but with the technicalities involved at this point of the year, even the most intrepid reader would be quickly bored with college admissions and career education.

The news does little to motivate me. There is little that is not covered to the most extreme by the pundits and talking heads representing both sides. I do not care to further the division our society is facing in these days. I'd rather voice the moderate and rational ideas each side has, but no one seems to care for that point of view.

I will continue to seek my sourse for daily inspiration and we will just see where it goes.

Despite what Despair Inc. says of bloggers, there are some gems of writing that will emerge Perhaps the months of writing will lead to some good novels or to someone finding a voice through blogging. Only the duration of the month will tell.
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