Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bird Dogs

As long as I've lived in the house, I have been accustomed to the dogs bringing me presents they captured outside. To date those presents have all been mice who moved closer in as winter approached.

That chihuahuas catch mice is not really surprising. They are all at the same level and the dogs can get into the small places near them.

Today I was quite surprised to find a dead sparrow on my kitchen floor.

How chihuahuas managed to catch a bird baffles me, but they did indeed manage.

I successfully disposed of it right away and in a way that they will not be able to retrieve it in the three days that I will be out of town. The last thing I want to return to is the smell of ripened fowl.

When the dogs leave behind such a present - am I supposed to reward them or scold them? I've never quite figured that out. They seem to be quite excited about their accomplishment, but I find it hard to match their enthusiasm.
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